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Just a Midwest farm girl, turned farm wife and mom… or maybe there’s a bit more to my story.  Growing up, I loved reading and journaling, then adventures in college and study abroad; but also, longed for the peace and comfort of a solid, well-lived rural life.  Falling in love with a handsome farm boy made my decision easy, and I moved home to teach agriculture (and Spanish… there’s that nonconformist spirit, again) for five years, and currently, care for our young children full-time while also leading teenagers at our church part-time. 

Really, I live a dream life.  Yet, tooth and nail, I cling to my more independent self.  My faith is important.  Therefore, inspirational or reflective posts may crop up from time to time.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, as well (but I’m also part introvert... so let’s skip the surface stuff).

Most of me morphed into the picture of domesticity over the last few years: farm wife, mommyhood, lessons and planning, cooking, crocheting, and all tasks cleanly accomplishable.  Twenty-nine going on sixty…. Or perhaps, 2015 going on 1950.  I think you yearn for it with me: the nearly perfect Pinterest wife.  Not to show off or post a pretty picture, but I want to be where my soul connects to the wiser women of days gone by… and thus, my practical versus restless spirits collide.

I found StrengthsFinder eerily accurate upon reading my descriptions.  My number one strength: connectedness.  I want to be known.  I want to know you.  I want to find our common ground.  I want to make sense of our differences.  And, here is why I love writing: I hadn’t planned to communicate the idea of connectedness to you at all, but by writing, processed those meanings forth.  Let’s unearth some meaning together.

Love, Laura

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