Farm Unearthed

Chasing wild barn cats, exploring barn lofts, and mixing milk for bottle calves filled many of my childhood days.  Now, for a variety of reasons, I spend less time on the farm than I wish, but still love getting out with my farmer.  Our family farms corn, soybeans, wheat, and raises beef cattle.  For us, family time happens in the combine instead of at the park, but we create treasured memories just the same. 

It's easy to fall in love with the farm.  I fell in love the first time I coaxed a baby calf in the field to come close so I could scratch its ear, sitting still in the field for hours.  I fell in love when I stood at the peak of the pasture singing hymns and talking out all my issues with God overlooking His creation.  I fell in love, when just as I'd always dreamed, my farmer proposed life together forever on a still evening in a quiet pasture field. We fell in love with the farm when it continuously confronted us with challenges that brought us closer together. We fall in love all over, again, when the farm offers the same wonders and lessons to our children that it offered us.

Yet, we know the responsibility we hold.  We know the trust placed in the food supply we provide.  We understand how what we do on our farm effects our neighbors.  We appreciate what my father-in-law described as the reason the came back to the farm: he felt called to steward God's land.

Agriculture infiltrates our lives beyond our family farm.  Hubs majored in Agribusiness, and I in Agricultural Education.  In addition to full-time duties on the farm, he also manages a sales district for a seed corn company.  He covers a lot of ground up to two hours from our home, encountering a variety of farms and farmers.  I spent five years after college, before our daughter was born, teaching high school agriculture classes, and being an FFA advisor.  These days, I'm active in our local agriculture organizations, and the hubs and I are both active in agriculture education at the state level.  Less than two percent of the population are involved in production agriculture, like our family.  We are passionate about connecting people to everyday life on the farm, and hope to further accomplish that goal through this blog.

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