Friday, September 4, 2015

10 Signs Harvest is Around the Corner

Harvest is fast approaching here.  With a newborn, I’m surprised how calm I am about it.  I think I’ve lost a grasp on how crazy it’s going to be soon.  Not like those of you who are farm wives weren’t aware… but here’s how we know harvest is around the corner…

1)      You washed all of the laundry in one day… because you could. 

The laundry room is the calm before the storm, enjoying order before all of the dusty laundry with grain-filled-pockets starts flooding the floor.  Unless you have a newborn, like me: then, it’s more like the storm before the storm.

2)      “It just depends on the weather…”

…has become the farm wife’s routine RSVP, again. 

3)      We’re digging through all of the children’s clothes.

Someday soon, cool weather will pop up unexpectedly.  She needs the right gear for the farm in a size that fits… because she’s going.  Mama needs a little relief where she can find it.

4)      I cooked with pumpkin already.

These pumpkin and chocolate chip baked oatmeal muffins were delicious… freezable… semi-healthy… and portable.  All of the requirements for on-the-go harvest food in one easy recipe.  Or, you can add a splash of milk, smash in the muffin it with your spoon, and microwave for a bowl of hot oatmeal.  Did I mention they have chocolate?

5)      You’re stocking up on plastic grocery sacks, aka: the farmer’s lunchbox.

Because you know it’s not making it back home.  Just make sure you grabbed one without a hole in the bottom.

6)      You might’ve actually styled your hair today...

…because once harvest starts, who knows when we’ll have the chance for that, again.  I’m actually just going to put the Gojo directly in the shower in lieu of shampoo because once I get around to washing my hair, again, who knows how many rounds of shampoo it will take to return my smooth locks.  (That new mom thing might be playing a role here, too.)

7)      Our pantries are stuffed...

…with all of the ingredients for those harvest freezer meals we have planned.  Get settled, you can of sauce.  In reality, you’ll probably be sitting there until about 6:00 pm on the night I need you.

8)      We’re stoked for some fall income...

…except we already know where it’s all going.  Geez, growing a business is overrated.  How many times have you said this: “But the farm is an inveeeeestment”?  Well, take that income tax. *Insert round house kick.* That makes me feel slightly better.  Some people have hobbies, some people take vacations, some people have investment portfolios, some people have farm assets… and it’s fine that we’re the last category.

9)      Our farmers are home more…

…and we’re not entirely sure what to do with that.  I anticipate missing him before I miss him, which actually makes me miss him now.  Oh, you Harvest Mistress, just end the anxiety and take him away already!  (I don’t mean that.) 

10)   As much as we complain...

…we really are excited for family combine rides, watching the yield monitor results,

…annnnd, of course, the post-harvest dinner date.  *We’re gonna make it.*


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