Living in Full House is like Living in a Farm House

I’m a Full House fan. 

We never had satellite, so I watched the reruns on channel 23 everyday at 5 pm.  Over and over and over.

And, when I finally had cable for the first time in my life in my dorm room… Full House.

It’s just that good, and I couldn’t resist a post with the premier of Fuller House. 

[*I actually watched the first two episodes before wrapping up my writing, so now I’m just annoyed to be revising when I could be watching more episodes of Fuller House… I laughed, I cried (no seriously, not just an expression…sadly enough).  It was basically everything I needed it to be.*]

I’m glad to report that Farm House families and the Full House family may have more in common than you realize…

10) Gathering ‘round the dinner table. 

First, I just want to say that my girls and Tommy – they have the SAME high chair.  Geez, listen to me… (now if I can just get my hands on one of those blue plaid couches…)  Anyway... we soak it up.  The sacred time around the dinner table.  The Farm House loves a full dinner table.  Full House is no different.

9) Loyal Neighbors.

It seems no one can stand Kimmy Gibbler.  But, we know deep down that the whole Tanner family had a little soft spot for Kimmy.  Why?  Because that’s what neighbors do.  And so our neighbors are part of our family.  No matter how much you love them or are irritated by them, Farm House neighbors have got your back.

8) It’s all about that hair.

If you think Uncle Jesse is serious about his hair, meet the show calf.  Clip, wash, comb, dry.  The calf even has a show box for toting around its hair care products.  I mean, really, Uncle Jesse, I think as little Final Bloom could go a long way for you. 

7) Creative problem solvers.

We have to make do with what we can find on the farm when problems arise.  Like the episode where Stephanie drops Danny’s wedding ring down the sink drain and attempts to retrieve it with a neck tie and bubble gum.  Should’ve tried baling twine and duct tape!

6) Strong men.

Whether on Full House or in the Farm House, strong men dwell.  In our love of Full House, let’s not look passed the fact that three men raised three little girls.  They worked hard at their jobs, they tenderly sang the girls lullabies, and sacrificed to fill in all the empty spaces needed to raise that family.  The farm is no different.  In an era where men sometimes hesitate to step up for their families and careers, our men on the farm are strong.  Their sweat hard, think and plan hard, and love and play hard.  (Not saying ladies don’t do the same, just taking a moment to commend you, menfolk.)

5) Super-protective, paranoid, clean-freak dads.

We all know what it was like growing up with a Danny Tanner around the Farm… just kidding.

4) The story doesn’t end here.

I love the fact that we get to see the next generation unfold on Fuller House.  (Not going to lie, I got chills on that split screen of the two shows around the play pen.)  That’s what each generation in the Farm House wants, too.  To see the love and laughter preserved and passed down through the years. 

3) Marrying into the family requires a more understanding person than most.

Marrying into farm life is shocking.  Now think about Aunt Becky.  It seemed completely logical to me as a grade-school kid that she would move into that pretty painted lady – who wouldn’t want to be an authentic Tanner?  Looking back, from my adult perspective, moving into the chaos of that mad house... oh wait, sounds just like those of us that marry into the craziness of a Farm House.

2) Hold on to the dream.

Farming requires optimism: keeping the dream alive.  There’s no 8-5 with a steady paycheck.  I’m not one to talk, as we have off-the-farm jobs, but there’s a high risk going all-in with your heart on the farming gamble.  Just like Jesse and the Rippers, or Joey and his comedy dreams, we keep the farming dream afloat, and maybe one day we’ll surprise ourselves.  (That Vulture scene tho… smh.)

1) Family Matters.

At the end of the day, it’s not the teachers or after school programs or any other factor more important to a child than those living in their household.  We love to mock the heartfelt talk as the music swells at the end of the show… but isn’t that really why we love this show?  Yes, the quirky characters, the unlikely match of three men raising three gals; but, the unconditional love demonstrated through firm lessons takes us all back to our days growing up on the farm. 

So here’s my review of episodes 1 &2:  I’m SO happy they kept a few scenes from the original in the theme music.  Made my heart swell from the beginning.  Were the few slightly off-shade jokes, but probably not noticeable by a kid, really necessary in the first episode?  No, but not deal breakers.  I laughed the hardest when Kimmy called Steph her sister-wife.  Max is the bee's knees and easily my early favorite.  It was quite strange watching the Full House set in HD.  Worth ditching the little progress I’d made on Making a Murderer?  No contest.  I’m slightly disappointed that Pillow Person couldn’t make some form of an appearance.  I’ll hold out hope.


  1. I can hear my daughter shouting a big, Amen sister! Thanks for sharing this at Country Fair Blog Party! You made my day! Jan @ Tip Garden

    1. I think there's a certain kinship amongst Full House fans ;) Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Laura, I loved this post and I selected it as one of my Blue Ribbon Winners on the Country Fair Blog Party for the month of March! Congrats and I hope you link-up again this month:


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